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Birthday Surprise

As promise by Siwon that he will pick June up for outing as it was June’s birthday, June 20th, the day where both of them will always spend their time together to celebrate.


June waited for about almost an hour for Siwon to appear at her doorstep but there’s still no answer at the door. She waited and waited and finally fell asleep in her bedroom. As she was too lazy to go downstairs until there is someone at her door.


An hour later, finally Siwon appeared. Ringing the doorbell, but there’s no answer. He ended up opening the door himself. June gave Siwon her house key due to she was sick once and Siwon insisted to have the house key so he can come anytime to take care of her.


He went and looked for June and found her sleeping soundly on her bed. He smiled as he walked in and lay down beside her. Looking at her sleeping is his happiest moment. As he knows she always will be either awake by the time he comes or she sleeps late.


Siwon was enjoying how June’s looks like when she is sleeping. He was smoothing her hair and noticing each of her details of her face. He never notices this much until today. He kissed her forehead and continues looking at her sleeping.


After a moment, June felt that someone is watching her sleeping and she even felt someone touches her forehead. She opened her eyes slightly and saw blurry image of Siwon in front of her. She smiled and say “Oppa, Annyong” and went back to sleep again. And she heard him replying her. She rubbed her eyes again and looked at Siwon for quite some time. And touches him and pokes his face to check whether he is real or she was in a dream. June asked while touching his face, “Oppa, are you real or am I in my dream?” Siwon smiled but didn’t say anything. Cause he just amused that his girlfriend being so cute when waking up.


After touching his face for about few minutes, Siwon move his head nearer to her and lock his lips with hers. June’s eyes were widened for a second but she smile as she knows she wasn’t dreaming and replied his kiss.


June finally pulled away, and asked him, since when he is here. Siwon smiled and say, “Since ever, I’m always by your side,” while smoothing her hair.


“SaengilChukkaHae,” Siwon wished her and laid a big teddy bear beside her and a box of chocolates and gives a peck on her lips.


Author's Note:
Some of you may read before somewhere, but I'm just posting this to have more comments on the language or anywhere which I can improve ^^


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Haha...I have been abandoning my LJ for a very very very long time ^^;; sometimes I even tend to forget that I have a LJ account.. ^^;;

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I think i will be using this site to post my fanfic?? hahaha...

Don't expect much...my fanfic = lame, boring, and yea..lame... ^^;;

Main reason of me posting my fanfic... for fun..xD and i want to improve my language ^^;;

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